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Apex MU Season 6 Episode 3
Grand Opening: April 25, 2021 at 1 PM [UTC+8:00]
🔹Free Tier 2/Socketed Set in NPC Lorencia
🔹Auto Full Stats upon Character creation

🔸Facebook Group:
🔸Facebook Page:

🔸General Information:

🔹Season 6 Episode 3 Version
🔹Singapore Host
🔹x9999 Experience Rate
🔹50% Drop Rate
🔹Lv400 Maximum Level
🔹32767 Maximum Stats
🔹220 Maximum Master Level
🔹Reset System (With reset on spot)
🔹In-game Grand Reset **100 Reset required
🔹Non-custom Items
🔹1 Credit Type (Apex Coin)

🔸Server Features:

🔹100% Stability
🔹3 Instances (Client) allowed
🔹Open-macro Server **Rules may applied
🔹Advanced In-game Anti Lag
🔹Fully functional System Events with Apex Coin rewards
🔹Real Boss Monsters with HP and Damages
🔹In-game Online Trade Time (15/hour)
🔹In-game Cash Shop
🔹Voting System via website
🔹Active Castle Siege

🔸In-game Commands:

🔹/setpin [pin] **6 #s max - Add protection to your Account.
🔹/removepin [pin] - Remove protection on your Account.
🔹/zen [value] - Gives you zen on your Character
🔹/evolve - Evolve your class
🔹/resetml - This will allow you to re-distribute your ML Skill Points for 100 Apex Coin
🔹/reset - This will reset your Character and gain 5 Apex Coin as a reward
🔹/grandreset - This will allow your Character to make a Grand Reset and receive 1,000 Apex Coin as a reward
🔹/clearpk - Clear killer status.
🔹/move- Teleport to a specific Map
🔹/post [message] - Sends a message to the whole server.
🔹/addstr [points] - Adds points to Strength.
🔹/addagi [points] - Adds points to Agility.
🔹/addvit [points] - Adds points to Life.
🔹/addene [points] - Adds points to Energy.
🔹/addcmd [points] - Adds points to Command.
🔹/request [on/off] - Enable / disable all kinds of request in-game.
🔹/request [auto] - Auto accepts all kinds of request in-game.

**For Automated Quiz Event
🔹/answer - To response for the Quiz Event once started

**For Guild Masters only
🔹/guildwar - Declare war to other Guilds
🔹/battlesoccer - Play Socceer to other Guilds

**Shortcut Keys:
🔹X - To open the Cash Shop
🔹H - To show the Event Timer
🔹F7 - To enable/disable glow effect
🔹F8 - To show the Ranking button
🔹F10 - Enable/Disable 3D Camera
🔹F11 - Reset the Camera Position

**You may check the in-game option for the Anti Lag (ESC)

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Server Info

VersionSeason 6 Episode 3
Master Experience2500x
Total Accounts3,703
Total Characters6,617

Castle Siege

Castle Owner

Guild Master
Castle Preparation

Castle Siege Battle
1 days 1 hours

Castle Information

Top Level+

LORDSEALLord Emperor620
LIGHTNINGDimension Master620
StayHumbleDimension Master620
lIlIGrand Master620
SYLPHHigh Elf620